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guest post by Kellee Kranendonk

From Rick:

Once again, I’m pleased to have Kellee Kranendonk as a guest on our blog. This time, Kellee provides us with a simply superb post on description wherein she answers the question, How much description do you really need?

My answer is that you need however much as it takes to inform your reader and keep him/her interested in reading the descriptions without wanting to skip over any. With that, let’s hear Kellee’s excellent advice along with her excellent examples.

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guest post by Sgt. Adam Fenner

From Rick:

Award winning author Adam Fenner has served in both the US Marine Corps and the Nevada National Guard. Adam is the co-author of On Two Fronts the Silver Medal winner of the Independent Book Publishers Association’s Bill Fisher Award (Nonfiction) and the “Deployment Wisdom” series. He is a student pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting at UNLV, and is currently working on a horror series called the “Horrors of War” with its first release OP #7 in March 2015, and a dark fantasy series. Adam maintains a blog at

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From Rick:

The punctuation book that Scott and I are working on has entered its final death throes (meaning pending final test reader acceptance and polishing in prep for the FINAL edit). Before I embark on the two promised series—one on book cover design and one on the practical aspects of self-publishing—I thought it would be nice to give our blog readers a teaser—and helpful information—from the last chapter of the punctuation book. This comes from the final chapter (16) on Special Topics. One of the topics in that chapter deals with how to decide which punctuation to use when several options exist.

You can always fall back on the standard periods and commas, but one theme running through our book is how to use punctuation to make your writing stand out for the reader by giving it clarity and proper emphasis.

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