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guest post by Jonathan Pepper

from Rick:

Back in July we discussed how to find the right words to best express your ideas in your writing.

(7/8/13: Finding the Right Word)

Recently, Jonathan Pepper posted some excellent advice for writers on Silver Pen. It was such wonderful advice that I asked him to consider expanding it for a post here. His words struck home for me because I’ve fallen into the word-count trap on several occasions.


reposted from Write Well, Write to Sell with permission


guest post by Chrys Fey


Writer Chrys Fey recently volunteered to share a post from her own blog with Silver Pen. After reading it, Scott and I agreed that it would also make a great guest post for Write Well. With Chrys’ permission, we are sharing her original post (with minor edits) and have added a few comments of our own.

Here’s Chrys–


Every writer has tips that help them write, rules they follow, and methods they use. Below are ten tips that I find helpful when I am writing action.

(reposted with permission from 13Thirty Books and Write Well, Write to Sell)

Writers, like most artists, are by nature, insecure. We want everyone to like what we’ve written. Let me correct that. We want everyone to love what we’ve written.

Not going to happen.

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