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From Rick:

“Why would I want to write in second person?” you ask.

“Well, maybe because you can capture a voice, mood and tone with it that no other viewpoint can,” I reply.

Before I answer that in detail, let’s first understand exactly what the second-person viewpoint is—and what it isn’t.

The excerpt below is from the first, and most famous, novel to be written in second person: Bright Lights, Big City by Jay McInerney.

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From Rick:

An interesting question came up recently with regard to authoritative advice for writers. It’s a fair question. With so many books and blogs out there, who should we believe and trust when it comes to advice? Further, what qualifies a person to give such advice?

In my October 6, 2014 blog post, I talked about the accepted authorities for spelling and grammar. That was a much easier topic to address because there are recognized standard reference sources. Even though I pointed out that these sources do not always agree, we’re dealing with an area based more on fact and less on opinion: the spelling, definition, and usage of words in the English language. The minor discrepancies arise because the language is always in a state of flux and not every change is magically adopted everywhere at once.

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