Writing 101 with Kellee – PART 1

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From Rick:

“Write Well, Write to Sell” is pleased to welcome Kellee Kranendonk as a contributor. Kellee, a native of Canada (in case you’re wondering about the occasional divergent spellings of some words in her post), has been a frequent contributor to Silver Blade magazine, which recently changed its format. Karl Rademacher, Silver Blade’s publisher approached me about switching Kellee’s articles over to Write Well, where he felt they would be a better fit yet still remain a part of Silver Pen. I wholeheartedly agreed.

And it’ll give Scott and me a breather from time to time in addition to providing some new perspectives.

With that introduction, here’s Kellee.


From Kellee:

We live in a fast world: fast food, texts on cell phones, and emails sent across the world in seconds. But one place you don’t want to be fast is in your writing. Slow down and let us live the story.

I used to write “fast,” but then I took my writing course and learned some things that helped me slow down.

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