Submitting to Silver Pen Magazines

by Sue Babcock

Although the information in this article is specifically for the four Silver Pen magazines, it can be useful for submitting your writing anywhere. Not all magazine use the Submittable online submission site, so the process of actually uploading or sending your work to different magazine will vary. The primary point is to read AND FOLLOW the submission guidelines and instructions carefully.


First read some of the stories (or poems as the case may be) in each magazine - they all take slightly different types of stories (only Silver Blade and Liquid Imagination take poems. Liquid Imagination also accepts flash fiction). Silver Blade takes science fiction, fantasy, and sword-and-sorcery fiction, Liquid Imagination is for darker fiction, Fabula Argentea takes all types of fiction but leans toward literary fiction and Youth Imagination takes all types of fiction for teens and young adults.

Then select or write a story that fits with the culture and genre of the magazine you'd like to submit to.

Polish it in our workshop (and/or elsewhere). Make sure the story's plot/characters/setting/opening/ending/conflict and the grammar/punctuation/spelling are the best they can be.

Go to the Submittable page for the magazine and follow the directions. If you are not signed up with Submittable, you'll need to open an account (it's free). Through the account you can track the progress of your submission.

Once signed up or logged in, you'll be asked for a title and cover letter and you'll need to upload a file of your story in rtf, txt, or doc format. The cover letter can include a few words about you and/or your story, or just a simple "Please consider my story for your magazine." Be sure to read the guidelines for submission. Silver Blade ( has the best summary for all the Silver Pen magazines, including what rights we ask for and the pay rates.

Liquid Imagination Submittable page:

Fabula Arentea Submittable page:

Youth Imagination Submittable page:

Silver Blade fiction Submittable page:

Silver Blade poetry Submittable page:

Each magazine has different fiction and poetry editors who work their own schedule. Some read and accept/decline stories throughout the reading period, other editors only read and accept/decline after the deadline for an issue has been reached, so response times vary from a few days to a few months (at the most). All of the magazines are open for submission at all times

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