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A month ago, I received an email from Rose Gorman. She wrote:

This year is our tenth anniversary, and during October 22-31 we have an exciting fundraising event called 10 Days of NYWC, a ten-day, $10 fundraising event, where workshop leaders and members of the NYWC community will be challenged to raise as many $10 donations as possible.
To help spread the word over these ten days, NYWC will also host an event each day, community and virtual events that include readings, free community workshops, and publication of our workshop members' stories.
One of these virtual events is a "Ten Under 10" writing series, in which we'll post stories and poems written by members of our youth workshops who are under the age of 10 (hence, the name) for ten consecutive days. These short pieces will be posted to The Narrator, NYWC's new arts and social justice blog, and we would love to raise awareness and share this content via the Kids' Magination community, as well.
And so Silver Pen became a media partner to the NYWC community. The 10 Under 10 fundraiser is underway, with some very nice poetry by kids under 10 years old. You can see all the poems at 10 days of NYWC . Silver Pen's 'Maginaiton magazine has also posted the poems, so be sure to check them out.
Enjoy reading what kids are writing today!
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