Silver Pen User's Agreement

Membership at this site includes users who are 13 years old and older. We respect international child protection laws. Please use open forums and comments for all communications between adults and teens.

By using (herein referred to as Silver Pen), members agree to abide by the terms of conduct:

I understand that Silver Pen is a non-profit organization (501(c)3) and its primary goal is to provide services to writers, publishers, editors, and readers.

I understand that I shall have access to the services and functionality that Silver Pen provides at their sole discretion. Currently, these services are free, but Silver Pen retains the right to charge for current or future services. If the fee structure changes, I understand that I shall be given the option of continued use at the new fee, or to terminate my account.

I understand that I may not transfer nor share my password for my account with anyone.

I understand that I am solely responsible for my work and that Silver Pen is only a passive conduit, and that publishing my work at Silver Pen is not a substitute for registering it with the US Copyright Office.

I represent that my work is (1) original; (2) does not infringe on any copyright; (3) does not violate any laws or regulations; (4) is not defamatory or libelous; (5) does not contain illegal or pornographic material; (6) does not contain any virus or malicious software.

I further warrant that I have not misrepresented any information about myself in my profile or anywhere else on the Silver Pen site.

I understand that Silver Pen is a private, secure site, and that my work posted on the site is protected from search engines, and that posting my work on Silver Pen does not compromise my first electronic rights and does not constitute a "publication" of my work.

I understand Silver Pen is a moderated site maintained for a community of people with a common interest. There is no presumption of privacy on this site. All communications, whether forum posts, workshop posts, workshop comments, or Private Messages (PMs) can be examined by the site administrator. As a moderated site, I understand stories and other written materials submitted to Silver Pen may be reviewed for editorial and site policy compliance. I also understand that if the content of a story is inappropriate for Silver Pen that it will be deleted and that I do not have to be notified of such action. However, Silver Pen cannot, nor does Silver Pen undertake any obligation, to have complete control over the content that our members receive.

I understand that as a general matter, copyright infringement occurs when a work is reproduced, distributed, performed, publicly displayed, or made into a derivative work without the permission of the author.  If a copyright infringement occurs on the Silver Pen site, it is at my discretion and expense to prosecute. Silver Pen is not responsible for infringements.

I understand that I may not include links to non-writing related commercial products in my posts or my profile. I may posts links to my work that is published elsewhere, or to my books that are for sale elsewhere, but only in the approved section(s) of the forum, and in my profile.

I understand that, with the author's approval or with the author's request for a review, I may download a copy of his or her work to my computer or device for the sole purpose of providing requested review. The term "review" in this sense includes all aspects of providing feedback, comments, critiques, voting, ratings or other forms of opinions regarding the author's work. I will make good-faith and reasonable efforts to protect his or her work from any copyright infringement.

I understand that any creative pieces posted in the main forum may be deleted without notice. Short excerpts of a sentence or two are okay for educational purposes or if members have a specific question. The Directors may also, on occasion, sanction specific forums for the posting of full pieces, such as for contests. ("Creative pieces" here includes poems, flash fiction, stories, novel chapters, and essays; while the main forum includes all parts of the forum except for the members' private groups.)

I understand that, like any other site, we are bound by international child protection laws which limit communications between adult and child to public messaging. I will bear this in mind when communicating with other members on Silver Pen.

I promise that I will treat my fellow members with dignity and respect. I will use appropriate, civil, and professional language in my messages, forum posts, and story comments. I will maintain high standards of decorum, as befits members of a creative community, in my interactions with other members of this site. Story review comments are expected to be constructive, positive, and supportive of fellow members.

I understand that if I do not abide by the rules set by Silver Pen that my membership will be revoked and my posted stories will be deleted.

I understand that Silver Pen may amend the user agreement at any time.

By using Silver Pen I agree to these terms.


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