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by Rick Taubold and Kellee Kranendonk

From Rick:

For this week’s blog, I decided to build on another great article Kellee wrote for Silver Blade magazine. What I’m going to do is use Kellee’s article as a base, selectively choosing relevant pieces of it, and adding my own stuff in with it. I’ll try to give Kellee the credit for her parts.

KELLEE: There can’t be enough articles on using the correct words. Especially in an age when young people learn to text before they learn to spell. If all you’re ever going to do send text messages, then spelling doesn’t matter. But the chances are great that somewhere, sometime you will have to spell something correctly or use the proper word. I don’t buy into that old motto most teachers use: “Look it up in the dictionary.” If you don’t know how to spell it, how can you find it in the dictionary? Try “psycology” (psychology) or “nife” (knife).

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