Silver Pen Board of Directors

Silver Pen is operated by a Board of Directors and is governed by our By-Laws.

Our current board (September 2014) is as follows:


Karl Rademacher (President): The writing bug first bit Karl during late night sessions of AD&D and reading Tolkien. This fell between late nights drags racing in the area now occupied by the World/Tweeter Center/Whatever-Corp-Names-It-Now theater south of Chicago.

In the five and a half years he spent getting a BA at Southern Illinois University, he squeezed in further time with writing groups, and worked evenings at WSIU, where he ran the broadcast board as a volunteer. Karl was also part of the now defunct Independent Music Network, where he edited copy and wrote music reviews.

While all this was going on, he managed to pull three minors (which is what most tenured students do, right?). One of those minors was in English/Creative writing, which helped him express himself and eventually win the eye of his darling bride, Susan Rademacher. Another of the minors, Computer Information Processing actually helped him get a job. On a roll, Karl pushed his luck on the new job (at another university) and became editor of the newspaper. He fondly remembers doing manual layout with a knife, and the magic moment when computers made that unnecessary.

Since then, Karl has gone “corporate.” He and Susan now have three daughters—all of whom are pretty handy with a pen or a lawn mower, depending on daddy’s mood. Karl helped launch Silver Pen in early 2009 and was instrumental in the organization attaining 501(C)3 Charity status later that year.

Karl continues to write. He’s had one short story published this year (“Sand Dragon” in the King of the Realms Anthology by Lame Goat Press), and has a modern fantasy novel in the works. The racing is also happening as well.

His dream is to turn his girls into gearhead fantasy fiction writers. Drag racing elves, anyone?


Rick Taubold (Vice President): Rick Taubold holds degrees in chemistry, biology, and nutritional biochemistry from his former life, before he saw where his true talents lay. By day he works for a Major Copier Company. But his first love--after his wonderful wife--is writing. Rick crafts novels from whatever interesting tidbits he can glean. He is the author of a science fantasy, More Than Magick and co-author of The Mortal Vampires Trilogy. He has several novels with sci-fi and fantasy themes in various stages of development. Rick and his wife live in Rochester, NY. You can find him at his website.


Sue Babcock (Treasurer): Sue spent years in graduate school, earning a MS in Civil Engineering and a PhD in Engineering, while raising two daughters with the help of a very understanding husband. For decades she researched, constructed, supervised and wrote (dry, technical) reports. Now mostly retired, she delights in writing short stories, especially stories of dark fantasy and human failings, and occasionally manages to get published. She's a managing editor at and the publisher at, both on-line fantasy publications. Sue also is publisher and webmaster at Youth Imagination, an online publication for teens.


Kellee Kranendonk: An Atlantic Canadian, Kellee has spent a life time writing. According to her late grandfather she was born with a pen in one hand and paper in the other. Only after she married, had kids and the youngest started school, however, did she start taking her writing seriously. Her first step was to take a course with ICL (Intsitute of Children's Literature). She already had the talent, she just needed to fine tune it. Her first publication after finishing the course was "Ravens in the Family" (a true experience piece), published with an Atlantic Canadian magazine, Rural Delivery.

Inspired by the things around her: family, nature and a love of fantasy and sci-fi, she continued to write and get published. Soon after that, she joined an online critique group and an online writers' group. When the critique group fizzled out, Kellee took matters into her own hands and started her own critique group which is still active today. This and many other critique groups can be found at Authors by Design.

The writers' group changed hands and eventually Kellee became the manager of The Children's Book Writers' Café. It was a way for her to help and encourage new writers, to share her experiences and knowledge with others, and to meet other struggling writers. The Café too soon went the way of the dinosaurs, so when Kellee found Silver Pen, she knew it was a way to carry on what she'd started at the Café.

Kellee is an avid reader with many interests: Sci-fi, Fantasy, Sports & Sports Humour, stories about angels, rock groups and young adult fiction. She's had both children's and adult stories and poetry, fiction and non-fiction, published in a variety of magazines. More about Kellee can be found at Kellee Kranendonk's Silver Pen site.


John C. Mannone: John C. Mannone has work in Peacock Journal, Gyroscope Review, New England Journal of MedicineInscape Literary Journal, WindhoverBaltimore Review, Pedestal, and Pirene's Fountain. He’s been awarded a 2016 Weymouth Center for the Arts & Humanities writing residency and has three poetry collections: the chapbook, Apocalypse (Alban Lake Publishing, July 2015), the mid-length Disabled Monsters (The Linnet’s Wings Press, December 2015) featured at the 28th Southern Festival of Books (2016), and the full-length Flux Lines (Celtic Cat Publishing, 2017). With over 600 poems and prose published, he has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize three times. He edits poetry for Silver Blade, Liquid Imagination, and Abyss & Apex. He serves as the 2016/2017 president of the Chattanooga Writers’ Guild. He’s a retired physicist living between Knoxville and Chattanooga, TN. Visit (Last updated February 14, 2017)


Perry McDaid: Loving words from primary school, Perry McDaid BSc(Hons), DipLCW, DMISP, began his adventures in the library before he hit double figures. Trying to reproduce them came shortly afterwards, and he pursued the hobby through college. With the exception of the first couple of years of his career in the civil service in various departments – and the discovery of interesting activities associated with dances – his love of writing never waned, and his movement between houses and temporary digs were always associated with a bulk of newly imagined scenarios and scribbled verse.

It was the acclaim his ghost-writing on an article received in a local magazine, shortly followed by an offer to devise a puzzle book which gave him the confidence to actually submit some of the hoard for publication in 1994. Since then he has been caught between gobbling up all the new ideas suggested by his muse and seeking to complete grand projects begun in the eighties. Paladin of Tarrthála was one such long-burner. His poetry and short stories can be readily accessed on line and the poetry is on display in the Irish Exhibition based in the USA.

He is a prizewinning poet and writer whose work has appeared in the publications of four continents and distributed in five. He had to retire on ill-health, but still challenges himself with whatever course takes his fancy – various computer courses and currently a Masters in Teaching. It’s slower on the Open University, but keeps the brain alive. He also dabbles in art, DIY and gardening for therapeutic reasons (he thinks) and is currently an active part of a project to produce hand-crafted souvenirs for the upcoming UK City of Culture in Derry where all proceeds go to a registered charity.

He tries to be unseen, hiding with his family on the lip of Derry City, Ireland, beneath the gaze of the Donegal Hills.


Edwin Riddell: Edwin Riddell has a long career in publishing and writing. He started with Michelin in their publications office, and worked for an Anglo-American publishing house. He then worked in broadcasting for thirteen years, leaving to write a commissioned book. He’s contributed articles to newspapers such as the Sunday Times, Guardian, and Independent and has written for US publication on film and television. He has also worked as a media consultant, advising start-up companies. He has only recently started writing fiction, with his main interests in suspense and comedy. Selected works include:

Lives of the Stuart Age (Osprey Press)
The Sky Barons (Methuen)
Echoes from a Country Garden (Anglia Television)


Gary Fields: Gary was born and raised in Massachusetts. He owned movie theaters, a pet store, and bred exotic birds before moving to Baltimore, MD. There, he worked in the live entertainment industry for fifteen years, working as a national sales manager, as well as being involved in production, promotion, and presentation for touring gospel and Broadway shows and concerts.

Gary is an avid reader with over a thousand fiction novels read. His short fiction has been published multiple times in various markets. He has been involved in online writing support groups, where he led aspiring members through honest and respectful critiquing, creating inspirational contests, and assistance in finding markets for their completed projects.

He is currently working on a number of projects, but is also a master procrastinator.


Shahid Khan: Shahid Khan has been writing since the 4th grade. A poetry project ending in a staple bound, typewriter- and photocopier-produced volume showed him that he could write a book just like his favorite authors. At the same time, Shah was introduced to the still young field of home computing. Writing and technology have been a part of his life ever since, and it was this combination that drew him to Silver Pen.

Shah received his BS in Management Information Systems from Becker College in Worcester, MA. He is currently working a day job in IT, and writing a Science Fiction novel. Being a member of the Silver Pen community led to Shah’s first two published works, and he hopes to give back as a member of the Board.


Sherri Ellerman: Sherri Ellerman is an Occupational Therapist who lives in Louisiana with her husband and three teenagers. She is in her tenth year of homeschooling her children and has recently gone back to work part time as a therapist. She spends what little free time she has writing. She has had flash fiction stories published in River and South Review, Estuary, and 50-Word Story. Her essay and podcast, “One”, appeared in “This I Believe”, and her article, “Five Steps to Consider in Romance Fiction”, was published at “Write Well, Write to Sell”. When Sherri isn’t teaching, writing or working, she enjoys camping with her family and playing games.

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