Revival of the Quicksilver Flash Contest

Starting March 1, Silver Pen members are invited to submit original flash fiction stories for the first writing contest of 2016. This time, stories will be posted by the administrator - with no bylines - in a special forum reserved for this purpose. Members may view and comment on the stories, and contestants will be allowed one revision after reviewing members’ comments, if they so desire. The submission deadline is March 15, 11:59 PM, MDT.

Voting will take place after the contest is officially closed. The finalists will be selected as follows: the entire popular vote will constitute 25% of the total, and each of the three judges’ votes will count for 25%. Judges will be announced shortly.

What’s a contest without prizes? The winner will receive a badge for their profiles and 20 points will be added to their Silver Pen Writers accounts. In addition, CJ Alexander, managing editor of the Whitesboro Writers Group, will publish the winning stories on their Plotters Ink Fiction Writing blog. This online publication attracts international readership as well as contributors, some of whose names you will recognize. Additional prizes are under consideration and may be added to sweeten the pot.

Interested? Here are the contest rules.


1. Your story must contain at least 400 and no more than 600 words.

2. There is no specified theme or prompt, but at least five of these six words (or any form of them) must appear in the story: drain, swollen, ambition, absurd, aftershock and boardroom.

3. Email your story to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Stories will be posted anonymously, so please do not post the story yourself. We also suggest that you don't workshop the story prior to judging so anonymity is maintained.

4. You are allowed one revisions prior to the closing of the contest. Email your revised story to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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