What is Silver Pen Writers?

  • We're an online community that encourages and fosters creative writing by providing peer review workshops. Hone your writing skills by uploading stories and poems to our workshops and by reviewing other members' works.
  • Or join us in our forums and discuss your writing experiences and questions.
  • Our site is entirely ad-free and we totally understand privacy.
  • Your work remains your own - we never claim any rights to it - and is visible only to other members.
  • All interactions are friendly and respectful, reviews are helpful, and abusive behavior is not tolerated.
  • We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and are here for all writers, experienced or novice, young or old.


The ability to post items to the workshop at Silver Pen Writers has been disabled. Members can still log in and should be able to view and download their work and comments, but not post any new work.

The Forum

The forum is for discussions of writing issues and life as it affects you as a writer. We encourage all members to get to know each other and to learn about writing through discussions in our forum.

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Front Page News

  • by John C. Mannone That's a fancy word for art informing art. Usually it's taken to mean using a visual prompt to inspire a written work, but it really can involve any two art forms. But I'm going to concentrate…
  • by Rick Taubold The purpose of a peer-review writing workshop is to help writers be the best they can be and helping them to improve their writing to the point that it's publishable. A peer-review workshop, online or in person,…